Employment Attorneys

we offer specialized employment legal services to both employer and employee clients. Our firm is dedicated to providing the best possible legal services to our clients in the most cost-effective manner and to protecting our clients’ interests to the fullest extent. To this end, the attorneys of the firm are trained in all aspects of employment law so that they understand the full range of personnel actions and can bring a well-rounded perspective to any employment law issue. Indeed, by representing both employers and employees in all aspects of employment law, the Firm has a unique dual perspective, which works to the advantage of all clients, plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Commitment to Quality Client Service

has built an excellent reputation by providing high-quality employment legal services to its clients. The Firm’s commitment is, first and foremost, to its clients’ needs. The Firm addresses these needs through the specialized expertise of its attorneys and staff. A high level of skill and professional excellence is expected of and provided by the Firm’s attorneys. The Firm serves a diverse clientele of businesses and individuals, ranging from national banks to large entertainment companies to insurance brokers on the employer side and ranging from company presidents to actors and producers to financial advisors on the employee side.

Commitment to Cost-Effective Service

Both partners of  have earned valuable experience and knowledge by working at a large national firm that only represents employers and then a smaller firm that only represents employees. While working at a firm with over 300 attorneys, the partners were involved in all areas of the client relationship. These areas included representing clients in all stages of the litigation process, such as depositions, law and motion, legal writing and jury trials, as well as services aimed at avoiding litigation, like drafting employee policies and handbooks, conducting employee training seminars, consulting with clients on daily work place legal issues, and preparing in-depth opinion and position letters. At , the attorneys continue this commitment to excellence in the legal services it provides to its clients and being a smaller firm, it is able to do so at highly reduced rates.

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