Getting Your License Back after a DUI

shutterstock_364995227After being convicted in Florida of a DUI it is possible to get your license back if you follow the steps and procedures defined by family law attorneys and also comply will all its stipulations. This is only a summary of the rules established by the Florida legislature and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

First DUI Offense

Before the revocation expires, individuals may apply for a hardship license if they can show that a driver’s license is necessary for thier job. If they wait for the revocation to expire, then they still may apply for a hardship license, but may be required to complete a DUI School course or participate in treatment for alcohol abuse.

Second DUI Offense

Individuals cannot reinstate on the basis of hardship early if the second offense occrs within 5 years of the first. After serving the full revocation period, then one may apply for the driver’s license to be reinstated. Proof of enrollment in a DUI school and alcohol abuse treatment is required if ordered. Those convicted prior to 2007 must also present proof of liability insurane coverage.

Third DUI Offense

If the third DUI offense occurs within 10 years of the second offense, then hardship reinstatement is unavailable to you and yo umust serve our the full revocation period. You may apply for reinstatement up to one year before the revocation period ends. If you wait until after the revocation ends then you must attend a DUI course and serve any required alcohol abuse treatment. If you do not complete the DUI training class with 90 days of the revocation ending, then your driver’s license will be revoked and you will have to take the state driver’s test again to get your license.

Fourth or Subsequent Offense

You lose your license for a revocation period of 10 years and are not elegible for a hardship exemption.

Single DUI Manslaughter Conviction

Your license will be permanently revoked and you must wait for 5 years to be elegible for a hardship exemption.

DUI Manslaughter Conviction with Prior Convictions

You license is permanently revoked and you are not elegible for a hardship exemption.

Driving with an unlawful alcohol level – DUBAL

Family law attorneys are more than capable of handling these types of cases.

Also referred to as DUBAL, is when you are caught with at least 0.08 blood alcohol level while operating a motor vehicle. Your license will be suspended for six month starting with arrest date. DUBAL drivers are issued a 10-day license upon arrest and when it expires, they may apply for a hardship exemption after 30 days.